As an innovative leader in student and multifamily property management, we are truly a national company with over 3,500+ beds spread throughout five states, assisting property owners with management, operations and marketing.  Our unique transparent and unobstructed property management model, provides enhanced operating efficiencies through volume and strategic initiatives involving technology and procurement programs, that help our clients drive revenue growth and cut expenses to achieve the financial goals they set for their properties.


  • Simplify your accounting: Professional monthly financial reporting including general ledger, balance sheet and income statement, budgeting
  • Perform scheduled property maintenance inspections and reports
  • Automated Leasing and Resident Management
    • Lead Creation and Management
    • Move In / Move Out
    • Bill and collect rent
  • Advanced Purchasing and Invoice Routing
    • Vendor Management
    • Purchase Orders
    • Invoice Creation
  • Enhanced Efficiencies with Facility Management
    • Work orders
    • Mobile Work Order Management
    • Resident Submitted Requests
  • Develop, coordinate and assist resident programs
  • Prepare and distribute all annual and monthly financial reporting
  • Develop operational guidelines, pricing and leasing structure



  • 'White Labeled' Resident Portal
    • 24-hour access to pay rent
    • Submit work orders
    • Property Communications
  • Message Center
    • Communicate with both current and potential residents and their guarantors
    • Event-driven messaging
    • Text and voice capability


  • Leasing
    • Mobility
    • Execute Leases
    • Streamlined resident screening and transition
  • Digital Marketing and Mobility
    • Websites
    • Apps
    • Resident Portals
    • Prospect Portals
    • Weekly Property Reports
    • SEO Services
    • Lead Management
    • Digital Location Management

Acquisition Due Diligence

WE Communities offers a comprehensive menu of services designed to maximize the acquisition due diligence process and timeline for its clients. 

Disposition Services

WE Communities’ business approach is to effectively and successfully manage the entire investment cycle for the benefit of our clients.  As owner-operators, our principals understand the importance of a smooth and efficient sale process.  To this end, we offer ongoing strategic advice and analysis on marketing, maintenance needs and capital improvement to bolster the current and future marketability of the asset.  This focus continues throughout the prospective purchaser’s negotiation, due diligence and closing process with the client's goals and objectives always at the forefront.  Our specific disposition services include investment analysis, market analysis, underwriting and due diligence support to the purchaser team.